Physical Abuse From A Man

If you are experiencing a man hitting you or who has hit you and you are feeling sad or upset or you really don’t know how you feel. Then you are on the right track. Your feelings can sometimes lead you in the right direction. You just have to use your feminine wisdom with it that’s all.

If you have been with a man for a while and he hits you, you have to realize that there is something wrong with him (when my dad would be violent towards my mom and hit me, I was wondering what was wrong with him). It is not normal for a man to hit a woman. So that means he feels less of a man at those times or at that time. A man hitting you is afraid that you will do something that jeopardizes who he thinks he is as a man or if it was something you said, then he believes that what ever you said to him was disrespectful.

It doesn’t matter.

A man who hits you cannot love you, because he does not understand you. He doesn’t understand your nature, your essence, and how you are different from him, he doesn’t accept the difference. So when you say or do something that he cannot understand, he views it as a threat to his masculinity. When all it is, is your feminine power.

Now this is not to say that if you hit a man that is okay. That is not feminine power, that is masculine. Feminine power (or force) is a soft invisible push of gentle strength. But see, that push would scare a man who doesn’t understand his own masculine nature. If a man doesn’t understand himself, he will be incapable of understanding you. A man needs to understand your nature. You may want a man to understand how you feel, you really just want him to understand your feminine nature. So, if you are with or have been with a man who hit(s) you, that is what is wrong with him. He has no understanding. It is not your job to get him to understand, he must come to that understanding himself. Any man who physically hurts you does not respect his own body, so he’s not respecting yours.

A man will either respect you or he will not. Try not to be confused when he is kind only because he wants something from you. That means he does not respect you. Also, I wouldn’t recommend saying hurtful words to men, screaming mean words to them, all that is a negative spirit. Some women do this when they are hurt and do not know how to express their hurt (see article “Using Your Voice” or “Anger”).

This is why it would be wise to withhold yourself from being with a man until he knows himself. That way if you do end up saying something hurtful to him or hitting him for any reason, he will be patient with you and he can guide you back into your feminine essence.

A real masculine man will always guide you back to yourself. Remember that. If he is doing anything other than that, he is leading you astray. A truly masculine man wants your feminine nature and its force, he will not resist it.

In conclusion…

Nevertheless neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.

1 Corinthians 11:11

In. The. Lord.

Many times in an abusive relationship the Lord is not in it.

Always keep the Lord First in all your relationships and have an active connection with him in them.

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