Feminine Wisdom

Wisdom Of Solomon 1:6

For wisdom is a loving spirit;

Feminine Wisdom and intuition work together.

Intuition can be used by itself, your feminine wisdom requires your intuition.

Wisdom is spiritual thought. Intuition is spiritual.

For Wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.

Proverbs 8:11

Feminine Wisdom comes from understanding your experiences in a whole way. Since your a lady, you can only understand your experiences in a feminine way. Every woman’s femininity (feminine energy) is different, so every woman’s wisdom will be different.

The beauty of feminine energy is that it can work through a situation in a very “clean” and smooth manner. Think of feminine energy as “The Burning Bush” in Exodus, those of you who know the story of Moses (if you don’t, type in “burning bush bible” on google and it will come up). In that particular scenario, the bush appeared to be on fire but the flames never actually burned the bush. This is the nature of feminine energy, it’s like a fire that does not destroy. In comparison, think of masculine energy as regular fire that consumes and destroys. In the animated film “The Prince Of Egypt”, Moses touched the fire and it did not burn him, it was cool.

So, think of that as a viewpoint on how you look at the world through a feminine lens. You see the major contrast to how men would see the world as through regular fire. Now imagine that bush being on fire and burning up, that would have just been a big mess and noisy too. So femininity gets through things quieter and in a less “messy” way.

Your feminine wisdom works alongside your intuition to accomplish a task that requires thought and time.

Intuition does not require either.

For Wisdom is more moving than any motion: she passes and goes through all things by reason of her pureness.

Wisdom Of Solomon 7:24

The thing is with feminine wisdom is that you need to follow your intuition in order to use it, otherwise you are most likely going to complete the task in a masculine mode. Any other wisdom not aligned with your intuition is worldly and will not give you your greatest outcome.

At the worst, it can backfire.

So when it comes to situations in life, your intuition guides you in the moment while your feminine wisdom guides you over time. Using them together will always have you making the right choices and having the best outcomes.

Intuition is always first and then you use feminine wisdom, which is everything you learned from your experiences in the past. There are times you may not need to use your feminine wisdom and that is when there is not enough time to think or the situation is one that is new to you.

So you know what that means, use your intuition.

Intuition bypasses the past and the future, it is always in the moment, yet, if you want a great future, your intuition helps you by nudging you along and then your feminine wisdom gets you through everything in between.


There are moments when you will not know what to do and your intuition won’t seem to be on. This is when you need an intervention, you need help. It is something that has to happen outside of what you can do. This is where the Heavenly Father moves for you. During these times, either something miraculous happens right a way or you need to…






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