The Feeling Of Loneliness

Feeling lonely is a feeling you experience when you have rejected a feeling of love before. You may not remember the time when you rejected love because it was most likely at a time when you felt sure of yourself; a time when your feelings were high and you felt like you didn’t need that love at the time. The problem with that is… feelings are unreliable. Especially when it comes to making a wise choice because your feelings change often.

If you think long enough, you might remember when that time was when you rejected love. It may have been a time when you rejected a man who was kind and patient to you, or a time a friend was celebrating you for something you did and you didn’t receive it, or a stranger did a kind gesture but you didn’t see it for what it was.

The reason rejecting love causes loneliness is because, since you did not receive those acts of love, it doesn’t allow you to be open to it the next time it shows up, so now you will keep rejecting it in different ways. That will cause a void to build up inside of you, so now when you are at a point in your life when your feelings are low, you will feel that void.. that loneliness.

This is what happens when we as women choose our feelings over our feminine wisdom. You may not have thought that particular situation served you at that time.

When you feel lonely, do not try and “cope” with it.


Be honest with yourself on how you are feeling and where the feeling is coming from. Loneliness is an unnatural experience, even if someone is alone, they should not feel lonely. Loneliness comes from a place of emptiness. So… ¿where inside of you are you empty? And of course, if something is empty it can be filled..

So the next step and question would be,

¿how do I fill this empty place?


¿how do you want to fill it?

Everything in life is a choice, so what you do when you feel lonely is a choice you are making to either progress in who you are as a woman or digress.

Think about it.

¿Do you pray for clarity in your loneliness?, or pray for a man? A man cannot “fix” you. ¿Do you cry because you are lonely?, or start trying to “cope” with it? You have to be aware of your choices so you know what direction you are heading in. ¿How are you as a person? ¿Are you slightly defensive towards others? ¿Are you warmhearted in your interactions with both men and women? You may have to become more transparent in your interactions. That way you are making that void smaller by filling it in with honesty and joy because you are being authentic with who you are in the moment, not just when you are alone. That doesn’t make the void smaller by only being authentic when your alone. It serves no one.

Serving others also fills the void with joy and honesty. You serve others by.. just that. Serve them. Do not look to also serve yourself in an interaction, that is how the void got there in the first place, because you were concerned with yourself only. In order to fill the void of loneliness, you have to overcome how you feel in the present moment by giving more of yourself at that moment. Give more of your sense of humor, more of your presence, more of your participation, your kindness, your affection, what ever it is at that moment of loneliness, you have to give it, so you can be transformed into an even more beautiful woman.

Then, if what you wanted and prayed for was a man, then he will come.

If you prayed for happiness, then the more you are authentic with how you feel when you are interacting with others and you allow your feminine urge to connect with them, then the happier and happier you will become.

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