Attention is something you look for when you do not give it to yourself in some way. It comes in many forms and degrees of intensity. For one, if you are constantly seeking affection, it very often means you do not give yourself enough affection. If you seek to always want someone to talk to, it means you do not spend enough time with yourself, getting to know yourself.

Attention is something you look for when you don’t believe you can achieve a certain quality or way of being for yourself, like the constant need for compliments or validation. If you know that you are funny, smart, kind, pretty, wonderful enough, you wouldn’t search for anyone to tell you that.

Attention is dangerous if you constantly need it to make you feel better. It should be something that comes to you naturally because you have spent time with yourself, loving yourself, knowing yourself and beautifying yourself;

so then people will want to know you and speak to you and be around you naturally because now you attract attention.

It’s easier to seek attention, that is why so many women do it, it is much harder to attract good attention, it takes more inner work.

Attention seeking only focuses on external results and never lasts long and it doesn’t please you deeply.

Attention Attracting is something that comes from inside of you and if you know yourself and have spent time with yourself a lot, then you know what you would attract. I’m sure most women know the quote that says you attract who you are.

But once you start to search for attention,

anything may show up.

The other articles will help you if you need help with inner work.

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