A Woman’s Flowers: Flowering Time Of The Month

Otherwise known as her Menstrual or Period and her Womb or Uterus as a Garden.

Here are some healthy and organic pads to use to keep your Garden healthy during your Flowering Time.

Many pads have harmful chemicals and unnatural material that can be really unhealthy for you during your Flowering Time. This is a time where a woman is very delicate and she should be alone and resting and restoring herself.


There are some pads with a strip in the middle of them which helps to allow oxygen into your Garden while you are wearing your pad. A lack of oxygen is what causes cramps and bloating. These strips are similar to what it feels like when you are near a waterfall, or that breezy light feeling after a storm. It’s like a clean air feeling. They are like a nature strip but they are called anion. That is what the strips are like to your Garden and they also help purify your blood, which is perfect for your Flowering Time. Your Flowers should have a bright red color, that is how you know your getting enough oxygen into your garden.

Here are some brands with the strip:

Glory Girl




Also, the pads you use should be 100% cotton which makes it more clean and safe and comfortable.

Here are some without the strip but are 100% cotton:



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