The Feeling Of Being Unloved

Feeling unloved comes from feeling like we are not being appreciated completely for who we are. Anytime you feel like this, be careful with yourself, because you are fragile at the moment. Try to understand why you are feeling this way so you can communicate what it is you need to whoever is making you feel like this, it comes from how others have treated us or sometimes it comes from how we have neglected our own needs. People may not know that you feel like this and if they really care for you, they will most likely try to make this feeling go away.


People do not always realize that what they did or what they said hurt you. And as women, sometimes we don’t say anything because we think that the person should know that what they did or said hurt us, or made us feel unloved. Some people may sense if your feelings were hurt but close to no one will think that you felt unloved.


You have to express that.

A feeling is always tied to something. When you find what is the true cause of your feeling, that is what people will understand.


If you were to say to your man “I feel unloved when you do/say that to me” he may have a better understanding of what your feelings feel like because he wouldn’t want to feel unloved by you. Your words will stick in his mind more. It is almost like you have to place a verb in your sentence when your speaking about your feelings. So, “I feel betrayed by you”, “I feel like running away from you”, “when you speak to me like this it feels like your cutting me”. If it can be visualized, they will understand it and they will feel it. Also, when what your saying is direct and specific. So, for an example “you hurt my feelings” is okay but it might be a little too vague. What hurt your feelings – its something that he did and how did it hurt your feelings(you feel unloved, betrayed).


It’s all about you. You are the center, your words should flow from you being the center, not from him being the center.

If a man is constantly making you feel unloved, something is wrong. He shouldn’t be continuously making you feel this way. Either he cares about who you are or he is only using you for something. At this point you would need to use your intuition and some wisdom to know how you would like to handle this. Usually if you keep getting a feeling over and over, that IS your intuition. So you would just have to use some wisdom and then make a choice on what you want to do. If your really confused, pray until something happens because confusion never comes from the Heavenly Father(see the article on “Prayer”).esmeralda



If you felt unloved by one of your girl friends, you may already know that you do not have to be as specific with your words like with a guy. Another female will comprehend “you hurt my feelings” pretty well. It still may be a good idea to be specific and tell her why what she said or did hurt your feelings, for example if your friend left you at the mall, telling her, “it hurt my feelings when you left me, I didn’t like being there alone” and she probably won’t leave you by yourself again without telling you she has to be somewhere at a certain time or what ever the case is.

Feeling unloved shouldn’t be a feeling we have and always give love to yourself and see if maybe that was why you were feeling unloved.img_2570





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