Why It Is Important For A Woman To Remain Loyal

Susannah Part 3…


Being loyal keeps a woman innocent.

It doesn’t matter what is happening around her.


In the story of Susannah, her true loyalty was to her Heavenly Father, which in turn carried out as her being loyal to her husband. She decided to take the blame of the judges lying against her, instead of sin, which would have been worse because she would have done wrong in the Heavenly Father’s eyes and her husband’s.

She chose to remain loyal.

Loyalty takes courage.

People may not look at loyalty as courageous but it is because of the circumstances it can put you in. You can be loyal wisely by doing what Susannah did and you can be loyal foolishly by just accepting anything because of who is doing it or what it means to you.

In Susannah’s case, if she chose to be loyal foolishly then she would have done what the judges told her to do because she feared being accused wrongfully.

Being loyal foolishly is the same as only thinking about yourself. This may sound strange because it is based on the situation. Usually when we are only thinking about our own well being, it is because we are afraid of something. Once we make a decision from fear, we will make the wrong choice.

If Susannah chose to listen to the judges, that would have been the wrong choice and her life would have never been the same. If she thought about herself and not wanting to be humiliated (fear) she would have done what the judges wanted her to do and that would have been a bad choice.

Sometimes being loyal may mean having to go through humiliation for a short time. It took all the way until the last minute for the Heavenly Father to move on her behalf and allow Daniel to receive the insight to speak up for her.

¿Do you see how loyal she was?

Its because she went all the way through being falsely accused and being sentenced to death and yet never backed down even though she knew she didn’t do anything.

This is what it means to be loyal as women.

It’s about thinking about the bigger picture (as Susannah did), when she was in her garden with the judges pressuring her, she thought within herself, not about herself.

As women, we have a divine intelligence when we use our emotion with faith, love and loyalty. And it is obvious Susannah was emotional because right after she finished thinking to herself, she screamed. She was pressured by these men to do something bad.

So in that moment in her emotions she,

  1. thought the situation through,
  2. made her choice, then
  3. she made a move, she screamed.

Making a move finalizes a choice, Susannah’s choice was to stay loyal.

That is why its important for us as women to think things through before we act out in emotion. Once our emotion takes over its hard to stop it, so follow Susannah’s lead on how to handle difficult situations that tests your loyalty in your marriage and in your faith.

Always truly know the person who you are loyal to and follow your loyalty all the way through, and you will get the victory in the end.


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