When A Man Wants To Take Advantage Of Your Mind

In the article, “When A Man Wants To Take Advantage Of Your Energy” it talks about how a man needs to ask for your attention, your time and your presence, well its the same with your mind.

And by mind I mean, your deep thoughts and spiritual insight/ideas and your high emotions that enter your mind. Women often share too much of their mind too soon. So all a man will do is undervalue it. There are so many things that a woman should keep hidden.

The sacred deep parts of her mind is one of them.

The reason men want to gain access to this deep part of your mind is because once you open that part up to him freely, he will be able to continually gain access to it without your permission. ¿How, when it’s your mind? Because you unconsciously put your trust in him. When you trust someone, you open yourself up to them and you may do this without knowing. These deep sacred parts of women are unique to men because they do not have them.

The issue is, men will try to gain access to your mind, so that, he can, in a way control you and make it hard for you to leave him. Now since everything is spiritual in nature, this manipulation may have slipped right past you. Maybe while you two were sitting and eating together, or you may have had just a little too many drinks and shared something that opened you up to him or maybe even just a delicate moment that felt special and at the time everything seemed right to share something deep. This is how it happens, and just like that you wonder why this man affects your emotions so much, or why he is constantly on your mind and why you feel just a little bit out of yourself.

It is because you gave him access to a certain space in your mind. This might sound a little scary and it is because its dangerous. No one should have access to these very deep and mysterious parts of you unless you can trust them to always do good by you.

Your mind is like the ocean, we don’t really know how deep the ocean goes because getting down there is hard, all the water pressure becomes too much for a human body. And maybe that is how the ocean protects itself from humans and things that do not belong.


As women, we should do the same, be like an ocean and protect our depths. ¿How much more complex are you than an ocean? You have a mind that dreams and believes and reads, that can envision the future, that can be thankful, that can pray, that can understand, plus all of your unique individual talents and so much more. So there is so much for you as a woman to protect in your mind.

If you are a woman who trusts easily, that is actually okay, it still doesn’t mean you should share those deep and sensitive parts of your mind. I’m going to use the ocean as an example again because the ocean still lets people in it, just not very deep. It is important to know that as women some parts of us are not to be shared, only experienced by others…

And some parts are just supposed to remain a mystery.

Just like the ocean.


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