When A Man Wants To Take Advantage Of Your Body

Susannah Part 2…

As women we have the choice of who we give our bodies to and who we show our bodies to, except in some cases, a man may take advantage of our bodies.

One thing I want to point out in Susannah’s story is that when she was put up on trial to be judged, she never spoke out and said she didn’t do what the judges were saying she did, she never said “they are lying”, even when they sentenced her to death. Staying quiet is important in certain situations like Susannah’s because there was no way for her to prove her innocence against two judges. Sometimes when we speak out while a situation is working itself out, it can disrupt the nature of what is happening and possibly even cause chaos and confusion, it might have actually worked against her. The Heavenly Father was able to move on her behalf without her trying to control the situation herself, which often causes delay. At the last moment she prayed once more and the Heavenly Father heard her voice. She didn’t burst out in tears and start saying she didn’t do it or they are lying.

She cried and prayed.


She kept her composure and she was saved.

It’s not always easy to just say no when a man wants to take advantage of your body, some men will try to harm you. If a man is trying to harm you, there is no way to keep your composure, you have to scream, pray, think and act almost simultaneously. Since women are not walking around with bodyguards or men we trust all the time, we have become vulnerable. When men have looked at a woman for a long time or over a period of time, like days or weeks, he will become lustful over her and his lust will be hard to control. So always look at your surroundings and if a man makes you feel uncomfortable, leave him.

This is why it’s important for women to protect their bodies, either through wearing clothes that cover most of your figure, traveling during day times only and/or traveling with other people. You should think of your body like a rare jewel that you found, you wouldn’t sell that jewel for just anything since its so rare and you wouldn’t let just anyone get a hold of it. You would protect it. Do the same with your body.

The Pink Star Diamond;                                                                   the most rare and expensive gem

“Your body is the most rare and expensive gem”

Remember in the article “Loving Your Body”. The woman’s body was made entirely different from male bodies. We were not made from the dust (or the particles of the ground) like men.

We were crafted using a part of the male body and then it’s like we were made from the elements in the air. Which would make sense since women are so naturally connected to nature.


Men are naturally connected to the streets aka the ground, to their close surroundings, those things that they can see.


So women can be considered ethereal because our bodies are so delicate in nature. That is why men love you, because your so different from them.

Treat your body like a rare jewel (or even a crystal like the pic below, some crystals are very fragile and can break easily, so they would need to be handled with care, just like your body) and protect it as best as you can and don’t be afraid to speak up if a man hurt you or touched you in a way that made you feel bad. Because remember, like Susannah, there’s a time to cry out and a time to be quiet.



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