Part 1…

Hi, Im going to reference the story of Susannah in the Apocrypha. The Apocrypha is a book that has stories and prayers in it that were taken out of the bible.


Susannah was a married woman who was bathing in her garden, which had a gate. There were two men who were judges, so it was difficult to go against the word of a judge because they 𝓌𝑒𝓇𝑒 the people you went to when there was an injustice. These two men plotted against Susannah to lie down with her.


She had maids who were with her in the garden but she sent them inside to go get some of her bathing items. While they were inside, the two men entered in the gate and told Susannah to lay with them. They told her if she chose not to, they would say she was with a man in the garden and that is why she sent the maids away. Susannah said within herself that she would rather be accused of a lie then sin against her Heavenly Father. Afterwards she screamed and her maids ran back out and the judges told a lie. They said that Susannah had a man with her in the garden and they saw it and went in to stop him but he overpowered them and ran out.

0F654033-9D51-487C-89F9-A55D6BD0FF3ENow when Susannah’s family and friends heard this, they were shocked, because they knew Susannah to be a faithful and honest woman. Susannah was taken to court to be judged by the same judges who lied against her. The two judges testified saying, they were walking in the garden together and Susannah and her maids came into the garden and shut the garden doors, then Susannah sent her maids away and a young man who was hiding came in and they laid down with each other. Now everyone believed them because they were the judges of all the people. So as one may assume, she lost, and she was sentenced to death, at that moment, she started crying and praying to her Heavenly Father and said “you know the secrets and you know the truth of what is being said against me and that I never did any of those things that they said”.

After Susannah prayed, a man named Daniel who was in the court realized something was not right. He shouted “I am clear from the blood of this woman!” And he was able to examine both the judges. He asked both judges separately, “what tree did they see Susannah under with a man?” When they both said a different tree, that is when Daniel knew they were lying and Susannah was innocent all along. Her friends and family were relieved and thankful.

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