Jasmine Oil

The Jasmine Flower is known as

“Queen of the Night”

Its benefits are:

A mood booster ~ if you drink Jasmine tea it can help uplift you if you are feeling down and calm your nerves. Also pouring a few drops into a diffuser will create a pleasant, warm vibe into your space.

Confidence Booster~ Jasmine oil is great for feeling in touch with your womanliness because it has a seductive undertone to it that increases sexuality.

Clearing skin ~ you can put Jasmine oil on directly on your skin or pour a few drops in your skin creams or butters.

Perfume ~ pour a few drops onto your wrists and behind your ears using your finger and on your inner thighs. Also pour some drops into your conditioners and moisturizers and water bottle sprays, so your hair and body can smell like flowers.

Detoxifier ~ Jasmine tea helps relieve respiratory and liver disorders and helps the body detox. The tea can be drank with a little bit of agavé or raw cane sugar or nothing at all for best results.


How to Make:

For tea, simply boil some water in a medium saucepan and once boiled remove from the stove and place your desired amount of petals into the boiled water; then let it steep for a few minutes until the tea reaches your desired strength, and then pour into your cup and enjoy.

Or visit your local grocery store or Health food store for Jasmine tea bags.

For a homemade oil, pluck the petals of the flower that have buds partially opened and place in a ziplock bag and gently pound them a little to release the oil and fragrance.

Then place the buds in a pale oil like coconut oil, olive oil or grape seed oil, or which ever other light oils you have, in a glass jar and leave it for 24 hours.

For a light scent, put one cup of oil to 1/4 cup of petals, for a strong scent put 3/4 cup of petals to one cup of oil, for in between, put 1/2 cup of petals to one cup of oil.

Drain the oil after 24 hours and put the finished oil in a dark glass container to be used.

Repeat this process the next day if you are not satisfied with how the oil came out after 24 hours.


Visit your local flower shop to find flowers or maybe take a trip to a Garden.

A website that has high quality essential oils that I get mine from is:


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