Sexuality Of A Woman Part 3 – The Energy

Continuing from part 2….

Since sexual energy is the medium through which all other energies move through to create something in the external world, it would make sense for your sexual energy to be a dependable passageway and driving force for your creations. When our sexual energy is tainted with impurities and our unnatural mindsets towards sex, then that makes the way we express ourselves come out into the world undesirable. This is why as women, our speech may be crude, and our walks may be heavy, instead of dainty.

If you change the way you are viewing sex, it changes the energy related to it. If you need to, you can translate your sexual thoughts and emotions into an artwork or literature or music or cooking, or even a meditation where you relax your body and mind for a little while, until your sexual thoughts and emotions becomes less of something that controls you and you instead have control over it. When you can control it, that is when your view will be changed more into a purification process, you will be purifying your sexual energy through translating it into something else; And if you can sing or cook or dance, what ever your talent (gift) is, it will be better, because that something else should not be foreign to you, it would be your natural creative ability just released from a cleaner slate (which is the medium), now, the things you like and look at will appear different because you have transmuted your sexual energy into a higher, more spiritual state.

~ And that is the realm of Miracles ~

The space where healing takes place

That is how Christ was able to heal, being half man and half God, he healed people by the driving force of sexual energy, so you could touch him and be healed if you believed. This is because he spent his life in dedication to his purpose, always channeling up his sexual nature into the spiritual realm through his gifts and sometimes through fasting and prayer; knowing the weaknesses he carried in his flesh, yet overcoming them. You can only perform miracles from a clean slate, so Christ was constantly renewing himself in order to perform these miracles. He had to constantly overcome his sexual nature.

Sexual energy is simply…..“A Force”

Force is – physical power or strength possessed by a living being

But this is more about spiritual power, so let’s rephrase that:

Force is ~ spiritual power or strength possessed by a living being

Now, the point here is to place the flesh under subjection to the spirit, because there is fleshly sexuality, that is limited in its use and is constantly seeking to be satisfied, and there is spiritual sexuality that works miracles.

So as women, putting your sexual energy into your talents as much as you do with your makeup and clothes and shoes and men, you will see how you can perform miracles:

and even with your physical beauty.

There is a beauty that can heal others because of its spiritual excellence;

The more you work on your sexuality, the more you will realize how much it encompasses in life. However you choose to view sexuality, will be how all of your creations and expressions are shown to the world, either clean and reliable or impure and chaotic.



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