When A Man Wants To Take Advantage Of Your Energy


As a woman our energy feels good to a man when we are in a natural state of femininity. Since men are only really attuned to their immediate surroundings, when something new is around them, it makes them curious and since women are their opposite, a women’s energy can make them curious.

When a woman’s energy feels “good” to a man and she is unaware of her effects on him, if the man is one who feels he can take advantage of her, then that is what he will do.

He will try to spend as much time as he can with you so he can always be around your energy. This may sound harmless but it is harmful because in spending lots of time with you he is able to latch on to your aura and create a bond with you;

And if you are not interested in him romantically, then you will not want to create a bond with him. But see, to a man, he is simply picking up on your feminine energy, so what you say to him may not matter because when he is with you he feels like you like being around him. This is a situation where a man can become manipulative. A woman has to learn how to be conscious of her energy and who she gives it out to, its a matter of ‘Attention’. Where a woman focuses her attention, her energy naturally goes to it, so then it becomes a matter of ‘Protection’.

Protecting your energy from someone who may come and use it without your permission.

There is a quote from ‘The Incredibles’ that the mom said to her children before leaving them to find her husband. She gave them masks to put around their eyes and said:

Your Identity is your most valuable possession, Protect it.”

The way this relates to the topic is because as a woman, our energy is our Identity and someone shouldn’t be allowed to “take” you without asking for your permission for your presence and your attention. Its more difficult for someone to just take you physically and not suffer the consequences, but since energy is so subtle, it can slip under the radar in some instances, especially when someone may have some sort of way of dealing with you that you are unaware of that gains them access to a sacred part of you that you are unaware that you are sharing.

Like your Heart.

Keep Thy Heart with All Diligence 

Proverbs 4:23

Keep – To hold or retain in one’s possession; hold as one’s own.

In other words, Guard your heart just don’t close it. The aura consists  of a lot of different aspects in us, but the heart is the most sacred and has the largest energy field surrounding it, that is why it should be guarded.

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