Sexuality Of A Woman Part 2 – The Act

The act of sex is a manifestation of the creative energy in people, that is why babies can be created through it.

woman 13But this creative energy has been taken out of its natural use and people have began to abuse the delicacies of its nature. The essence of sex is the key to life, once you know how to utilize it, you can unlock many aspects of your character. Since sex has only been used for pleasure and to make children,

its treasures have been kept hidden, because if we got a hold of its treasures with the mindsets we have now, we would misuse them. We would use them for our own glory and purposes instead of the purposes that serve and comfort others and glorify God. If we truly look at the act of sex, it is only a small part of the overall foundation and bond with another person. The act itself is just an outpour of what we are truly put on earth to do;

And that is To Create, To be full of Life and Joy, To Serve and be Served, and To Desire the good things in life. Desire prompts us to Pray, it Prompts us to come out of ourselves into a realm of Creation. Its a realm where anything is possible and you are living in a state of grace. Grace is a state where everything you need is ready for you to receive it, and your effort you need to put in to gain it is minimal, because you have connected with the secret to life, which is sex in its pure innocent state, its freedom; Its trust and thankfulness.

woman with tiger

Living in a state of sexuality makes us free. If we observe the story of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis in the Bible, it tells us they were Naked, when we are born we are Naked; It tells us they were unashamed, why?, because they were Innocent. In Innocence there is no need to be ashamed, you look at the world with pure eyes. The reason the story of Adam and Eve is important is because it represents the Beginning, and most answers are revealed in the Beginning.

Now Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, which represents the Womb, because they were actually Born in it. God made them from the dust of the Garden, which is the mist that came up from the ground, there was a mist in the garden that watered the plants and green life. The mist can also represent the Waters in a woman’s womb that covers the child. So God gave birth to Adam in the Womb and there is neither male nor female in the Spirit, so yes God gave birth and produced the Sperm, which is the Seed of a man, which was his Breath of Life that he Breathed in Adam to make him a Living Soul.

The seed or sperm of a man is Representative of the Breathe of Life, while the Womb of a Woman is representative as a Garden of Creation. So God acted, he physically used a part of Adam when he took a part of the man and made a woman, like an intervention, and that is similar to the act of sex, when we use our bodies for anything, or put our mental and emotional or spiritual energy into something like playing an instrument, writing lyrics to a song, singing a song, dancing, we are physically using sexual energy to create a sound or a movement because its a force that moves when we move and is used to create things; but when we use sex simply for pleasure we are exhausting our natural use of creativity and that depletes us, both the man and the woman.

Sexual energy is the medium through which all other energies move through to create something in the external world.

It may seem like the action part is the most important part of life because that is all we grew up learning, but part 3 will break things down a little more about energy.

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