Beauty Part 2 ~ The Physical

pink liliesOur physical beauty is usually our main concern since that is what everyone sees, and though its just a portion of the profound nature of a woman,

 it plays its part for our role.

As a woman, we are supposed to be attractive;

and attractive does not mean you have to have all the right features, it’s simply a quality that is appealing to others, such as your personality or the way you wear your hair. Where men are simple, we are complex, where they are tough, we are soft, where they wear pants, we wear dresses or skirts. This shows the complete contrast of male and female. And when done correctly, it is a lovely sight. It’s okay to be ultra feminine and wear flowers and sparkles, all that heightens your feminine appeal, and your feminine attire does not necessarily mean that you have to be weak willed and unproductive. But the opposite, wearing feminine, soft clothing will bring out your desire to fulfill those womanly strengths in yourself. When you wear jeans and restricted clothing, it also puts a damper on your true feminine nature, though you may not realize. It changes your walk, the way you come off as you express yourself, and creates less of a natural attraction for you to men. Men will always be attracted to women, but if you want the pure, rich affection that comes from a man’s elegant, smooth emotions, then you also have to present yourself as his equal opposite. Nothing brings out a man like an honest and pure woman, both in style and in her graceful mannerisms. And this also includes our speech (see the article “Using Our Voice).

woman in flower dressTry a new hairstyle that flatters your face, and put on a new skirt that makes you feel free and open in your body. Try a little make-up and see if you like it. Try not to worry too much about your natural features, for instance, if you are concerned about the size of your nose, see if wearing earrings that are more dramatic will help, like increase the decorations on them with more colors or feathers or flowers on them, or put a little colored lip gloss on your lips. But your natural features do not have to hinder your physical beauty if you think that you do not meet a certain standard of attraction. It’s more so in the way you’ve chosen to use your femininity and then be creative with it, that is what is so appealing about women.

Indian Bride HairstylesSo which ever way you are creative, there lies your femininity also, now use that to increase your natural appeal by dressing yourself up and decorating yourself to how your creativity naturally comes out. There you will find your true inner essence, and it will begin to blossom further as you continue using your creativity for your physical beauty.

hair decorationChanel-6





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