Beauty Part 1 ~ The Internal


Wherever there is purity, you will find beauty.

As a woman, that is our highest regard; to find purity in ourselves. Purity is a state of completion, or in other words, perfection. It is a Perfected quality of a place within us or on your body. (Physical beauty is talked about in part 2).

If your looking to beautify (purify) an area in yourself, such as your emotions or thoughts, or habits, what ever it may be for you, there will come a time where you will need to enter into your own space and diligently seek out your own ways to purify them.

sweet-pea-kings-high-scentThis type of inner work will always require the guidance of the Heavenly Father, you cannot simply purify yourself with your own strength, but you can begin to search for clarity and then the Lord will reveal all things to you and from there he will help you purify yourself with his power. The work on your part is your diligence in continuing on through the whole process. That is when your Will kicks in. The Lord works through your will, its strength or weakness, its up to you to know how far you would like to go.





Beauty comes in Variety, so your beauty will be unique and special to you, which means its quality, you will have to emphasize for yourself. When you have a gift, only you can make the gift useful by what you do with it. So when the Lord shows you your special gift of beauty, your choice will be how you will use it.

This gift may be the way you speak to others in kindness, the way you show generosity, being able to lead other women in a certain way, coming up with intelligent solutions, knowing how to work new technology before your peers and then teaching them how, or singing, writing, drawing, dancing and decorating. All of these abilities are beautiful once they are performed in a way that is uplifting and for a high purpose to serve others as well as ourselves.

three lilies


It may not seem like having some of these abilities are beautiful for a woman and that is where the Lord comes in, he will show you how to use it and through your process of working on it, you are able to purify your gift, which makes that quality in you beautiful, and is able to shine out to others so they can see it.

Now the reason the Lord is so important with a process like this is because, we need the best person for a job like this to help us see what we need to work on in ourselves. Often when we seek out our own way to change ourselves, we may lead ourselves in to a more troubling path because we cannot see what the Lord sees. The way to open yourself up to your special beauty and talents is to spend time praying when your alone or reading a scripture. It doesn’t have to be long, but a little each time will reveal to you your

~ Garden of Beauty ~

bridge over water with flowers

Proverbs 31:30 – But a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be Praised.


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