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Respecting yourself comes from honesty with who you are.

As women, we like to make bold statements about why we should be respected. It’s an easy route to take because of how we are often viewed in the world. But if the world has a masculine outlook, there is no statement bold enough to change that view. We carry power in our bodies with our love, so through love is how we will make the statement for our respect. Nothing can compare to true love, and love holds all things together.

So if your a woman who always feels that you have to stick up for your respect, try doing it another way, if people are not getting it. Try using your love and emotion that you feel in your body to propel you to do things that command respect. Sometimes words are just not enough, especially when people have strong opinions and beliefs. Move your body with your emotion, push it outwards while you walk, while you talk, as you sit. This allows people to feel your power as a woman, and that you are truly remarkable.

*  And Respect is only Real when there is Love *

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Love is Power and Truth

So make sure you love yourself with a true love and not a prideful kind of love (see the article loving yourself), if your love is from a prideful place, you will see that many of the things you try and do will work up negative emotions inside of you, and that will make you come off to people as a woman who is difficult to get along with. And that’s the opposite of what your trying to do. You will just have to let people see what a woman can do in her true essence. This will take diligence, as the world has never seen women like this before, it will constantly try to bring you back into your old ways. For every women, their old ways are all different, so what ever that means to you, recognize when something or someone is trying to take you back there. And then hold strong in your body with your love.

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The reason love is so important here is because it doesn’t have any negativity in it, when it is pure, and so when your receiving conflict from others, love is the only power that can be both kind and true and even change a person’s heart altogether.

There may be times when you feel afraid, but that’s okay, use the fear to make you realize that if fear exists in you, so does love. You don’t have to try and block out the fear, just use it; in the end this will make your love perfect so that you don’t feel afraid anymore.

fighting against it will give you a bitter spirit. And may discourage you. Discouragement is from your Enemy. God only wants you to have peace.

  • Jeremiah 29:11 ~ For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

As a woman, you can command respect, just as men do, it’s just in a womanly way, you never have to imitate what men do, what works for them, does, because of their nature, what will work for you, will correspond with your nature effortlessly. There is always a role though, you always want to keep in touch with your role and position as a woman, to overstep your boundaries may do you more harm than good.

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Just trust the Lord to guide you everyday.

*  Psalm 46:5 ~ God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: *


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