Trust begins with surrender.

Surrendering to the flows of life. Although, surrender does not mean being foolish in your actions, and acting without any direction. When you have a vision first, then you are better able to flow with life because your giving yourself purpose. And in putting your will into action, then your able to find your full purpose in the world. All you need is a start. Trust can be frightening because its a blind side, you can never fully see the end result of it. But that is how you conquer life.

By Trusting.

Trust soon equals Faith. The more you trust the more faith you will develop to where your moving in complete grace with life. Its better to put your trust in God before any person, and in doing so, will help you get the things you need, without having to worry about feeling taken advantage of or betrayed. With God all things are possible, so you will start living as though all things are possible because you have faith through your trust in him. It’s hard for people to disappoint you when you have strong trust in a higher power, you just seem to believe that things will work out.

native american girl with lightning and birds

Now full trust is so strong its seen in how you live and move, it has a weight so to speak, a place of refuge in hard times, and since trust comes from within you, your place of refuge will be with you everywhere you go. You will always be protected. God is your refuge, and when you trust him, you’ll start to always feel him around. The greatest presence you can have with you, is the presence of God.

So Trust him.

woman by the sea

Proverbs 3:5 ~ Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

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