Shea Butter For Your Hair

leaf and shea butterAfter washing or simply rinsing your hair, rub shea butter onto your wet hair.

It works great on wet hair because it leaves it really soft afterwards. It also detangles really well. This can be the only product you apply on your hair, it will do the job of many. Except, if you would like your hair to smell lovely, you may want to simply mix this in with your favorite moisturizer or leave-in conditioner. The scent is quite plain.

If you have hair that is more delicate in its texture, you will want to apply about a dime sized amount onto a medium size parted section of your hair, this extract can be greasy and weigh the hair down if you apply too much, so just enough will give you great moisturized soft and shiny hair. If you have a thicker hair texture, you may apply about a nickel sized amount on a medium size parted section of hair and that will work just fine.

Afterwards you can style as usual, shea butter is great for ponytails when you are worried about your ends being exposed to the air. It seals the hair very well. Also this butter is great for braids and twists for hydration. This butter does not have to be applied often as its heavy enough to last quite a few days, so simply listen to your hair as to what it needs and washing this butter out is easy, a simple wash with conditioner or plain soap will do if you like, you don’t have to do a full wash with shampoo and conditioner to get this product out. As long as you didn’t put too large of an amount in your hair, this butter will wash out quickly.

sabina_karlsonbrown woman curly hair

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