The greatest test of your quality as a woman is how you treat your home. Are you barely there? That means your hardly there for yourself also, for your intimate needs. Is your home empty of furniture? Unless you just moved in, this means your empty of something deeply also. Is your home a bit cluttered? Somewhere in your emotions you have to release yourself. If your seeking to become a better woman, the one place you may need to start, is in your own home. The reason is because since you live there, it reflects how you nurture things. If your living space is out of order, things will also seem difficult in certain areas of your private life. azalea doll in blue

And this shows itself out into the world.

beautiful-bathroom-tub-romanticYou do not have to conform to a certain duty necessarily, but there is a way you should conduct yourself, and certain jobs you should know how to do if you want to grow into learning yourself some more. Decorating your home will help you see your likes and dislikes to many things, how creative you can be, and you’ll see how amazing you are at using your resources. Cooking a meal for yourself or others will help you grow in patience and gentleness, and allow you to see new perspectives as you try out different seasonings on different foods and learn what foods taste great together. Styling your bathroom is a precious way for you to see how beautiful and eloquent your feelings can be expressed, because the bathroom is very closely tied to our most affectionate nature.

And as you style it, your using those areas of your feelings that maybe you don’t get in touch with too often.

Proverbs 14:1 ~ Every wise woman buildeth her house:

prince of egypt room

Home is a special place, it embodies all of you into its arms.

It’s up to you to treat it with loving care.

prince of egypt architecture1



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