Ride Or Die Woman Part 2

warrior woman 2A ride or die woman also needs to be able to use her internal womanly qualities to bring out the warrior in herself. Every woman has a little warrior in herself, it comes with her package. To go above and beyond for her man to where she picks up her armor and fights for him. Loyalty is in what you do, it’s the test of life. And love shows honor until death.

Sometimes a man may need an extra boost from his woman, and your presence can often times be enough to sustain him through a stressful situation.

This requires your faith and strength in action, for it to pour out through your body. Because to just fight may be foolish, you need to bring out your qualities from within, so your using your power and wisdom. Trust yourself and trust your man to protect you and guide you. You just always remember the position you are in and be confident.

Because Love never fails.

fantasy desert warrior

Song of Solomon 8:6 ~

Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm:

for love is strong as death;



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