gold streaksProverbs 31:25 ~ Strength and honour are her clothing;

and she shall rejoice in time to come.


Worth is how you go about your circumstances and the way you deal with negative reactions with others. Its how you’ve overcome your battles. The reason overcoming is worth is because it shows what your made of. Honestly you may not know your worth right from the beginning of relationships and circumstances, you may just believe that your a good woman with a good heart. And that is worthy of its own rewards. But worth is your ability to remain faithful through the storms of life. Faithful in what you stand for and what you love. The reason gold is so valuable is because even through fire, it remains, and is even purified by it. That shows that it is worthy of a high price.

 .Just like you.


But since your a woman, your worth depends on the state of your heart during hard times. How it held out. The hard times purify your heart like gold in the fire. It’s easy to say you have a good heart and believe it, but the heart often has a mind of its own, and it shows when you are in stressful situations or are emotionally under pressure. This could mean apologizing when you don’t want to, forgiving, having the patience to listen when you think you know it all about a subject. You may learn something from a new perspective and it changes everything. These are all works of the heart, and as we constantly are carrying our emotions inside of us, all of those feelings get stored in our hearts and bodies.

So worth is the way you rise up out of a situation, either stronger and elevated or just rejected. It takes time sometimes, you may not feel better until a few days or months have passed, but that is okay, you are a work in progress. That is the only way you gain more knowledge on yourself to know what you are made of.

And that you can’t buy.

Isaiah 62:3 ~ Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God.

gold bars 1

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