Ride Or Die Woman Part 1

When you love a man, you will put all of your focus on to loving him.

The thing is, now a days, we are often afraid to put our all into a man. When your afraid and enter relationships in fear, you jeopardize the faithfulness of it, because fear is unstable. It will run any chance it gets. You want to be rock solid in love so that your man can enter into you with a pure heart,

because anything that is in the presence of love is purified.

woman in superwoman color dress

Fear is repulsive and creates tension in a relationship, that is because there is no trust. Men cannot respond to you as a woman when you are afraid, there will be no equilibrium between the two of you. When you are aware of your role and have the confidence to behave gracefully in it, a man has no choice but to reciprocate his masculine nature, he is almost compelled to, because the force of your femininity propels him to action.

man of steel

And that is how a relationship can restore itself, when you as a woman, take responsibility of your own love. Loving yourself is also loving a man, its how you will end up treating him. When women have felt robbed and taken advantage of, its because they were afraid. You may have been afraid to lose him, or afraid he would hurt you in some way. Can you hear the fear? It just acts without any order. ¿Do you always want approval from him so you can feel better? And then blame your man when you believe it was him who didn’t give you enough love.

woman in red 2That isn’t responsible as a woman. A man cannot love for you and he can’t be a woman for you. You can allow him to receive your energy in a loving manner so he can respond to you properly.

We are often blind to men because we look at them through our eyes of what they should be doing for us, what they should be saying, how they should act, all these worries about them, instead of assuming our position and standing strong in our love. When you worry about his ways as a man, you fear, and lose sight of your ways as a woman. And that creates distance and confusion in your relationship.

Which creates Division.

Division is Negative, Confusion is Negative. It comes from a low place.

woman red roses

Proverbs 3:3 ~ Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.

When you act from a low place of fear, you cannot be fully engaged in the relationship, this lessens how you appear as a ride or die woman, you just come off as incapable. What really can a man do with you if your incapable of holding your own weight with your love, how will you be able to offer your strength and faith to him? You will just be a body that he can lay with, and men often know your more than just a body, but since they cannot bring out your internal womanly qualities themselves, they may come off as uncaring or selfish. That is because your not holding to your true feminine nature, you want him to hold it and love you at the same time. That’s a lot of pressure for him. And at that point you aren’t really offering much to him. Men CAN hold you up, but only when your behaving from a standpoint of capability, and not desperation or withdrawal. When you behave out of capability, it allows him to act more efficiently and stay in his masculinity, as soon as you withdraw or act from desperation, your losing confidence in your abilities and that will drop your womanly assets a bit. Once you drop it, he cannot respond to you as efficiently as possible since he cannot take on your own womanly aspects. You still have to be able to hold yourself in your own virtues.

the singing princess

And he will do the rest.

You don’t have to wait idly for a man to become who you want him to be, nor do you have to continuously talk to him about it, just start becoming the woman you need to be and he will catch on.

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