long hair azalea dollYour quality of your values often show in your appearance. Rich or on a budget, if you have a set of healthy core values, your appearance will mirror that. The difference with women is that we get judged on our appearance the most and knowing that we shouldn’t, we often rebel by wearing clothes just to make a statement of our individuality. The thing is, you are already unique, to purposely push that in your appearance will create tension with yourself. If you naturally bring out your own character, you will naturally find clothes that suit you and make you feel comfortable with your body.

african woman sitting

Proverbs 11:16 ~ A gracious woman retaineth honor:

Its easy to get pulled into a certain manner of dressing when we see so many women wearing tight clothes or clothes that reveal their secret parts that get them attention. But your natural and unique sense of style that comes from your personality will get you attention also, and perhaps more. Be Brave, don’t hide your special-ness by any means, sex appeal is much more than just revealing your breasts, and turning heads takes more than showing your thighs. All colors match together, its just how you put them together, as you touch your creative streaks in yourself, you will see this.ring and diamonds

And try different types of jewelry, if you always wear hoops, try maybe some dangly ones or shapely studs. There are earrings with beads on them and many colored gems too. Throw on some bangles or an anklet for added style and also a little sound effect.

rubies-crystals-bangles-e1495128681186.jpggreen bow earrings

If you have a tight budget on your wardrobe, try seeking out thrift stores and then decorating your clothes yourself with gems and studs from a material store near you, they usually sell decorative items too. And some places allow you to take a sewing class there if you would like to learn.


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