Using Your Voice

Your speech should be thorough and sweet,

always expressing the uniqueness inside of you. If you are gifted with knowledge on a certain subject, when appropriate, speak up with confidence and grace, making sure to say all that is needed without adding unnecessary words or excluding words out of fear of rejection.

woman in blue

As women we tend to speak a lot at times due to our emotional nature, but our emotions are not always to be used in that manner. It’s important to know the power we have in our voices when we use them wisely. We should be inspiring and uplifting others, if you have a man, you should be using your voice to soothe him. If you can sing, try singing gently to him or humming a nice melody as he falls asleep or while you two are together alone in a quiet place. Men sometimes need our help with ideas or encouragement, so when that time is come, be ready and able to be a woman who speaks with wisdom. And that may mean spending time gaining knowledge on things that will help you grow and learning new perspectives on certain subjects.

boy and girl hugging

If your a woman who has trouble with saying bad words or speaking aggressively to others, you will need to sit with yourself for a while and talk to yourself. The more you do this, you will begin to see the way you really sound to other people, and then you can start working on changing how you speak. You will also start to see why you speak the way you do as you sit with yourself some more. Maybe you have inner hurt and worries, it could be that your afraid of something. It’s okay to find out these things in yourself, as long as your being kind to yourself as you work through them and consciously put forth effort to be better.

woman siting

One belief that many women have when it comes to their voice, is that they believe speaking a lot helps to build connection or increase intimacy. This only works when there is value in what your saying. If you are talking and being pushy or even holding back while you speak, that does not help build a connection. Your voice should be kind of like honey… patient and sweet,

so that people want to listen to you, and after your finished they got a glimpse of how precious you are on the inside.


Proverbs 31:26 ~ She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.

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