Loving Yourself

The greatest way to love yourself is to be vulnerable to yourself.


Be comfortable in your feminine side.

The mistake we often make is believing we always have to show control. But that can hinder love from spilling in or flowing out from you. Your a woman you do not have to control everything. The most a woman needs to do is take responsibility for herself and the things that make up her home and intimate life. But that is different from trying to show that you can control everything. Taking responsibility is freeing, whereas trying to control everything is restricting. A woman’s energy is made to flow and be alive and free. That is how it will feel when you truly love yourself. To not be mistaken for the world’s view on loving oneself as withholding your love to someone until they are worthy or being self – absorbed and masking it as self – love. This is what kills your true nature of delicacy. And in that delicacy is where your self – love lies.


To find that pure state of self – love where you are free, you will need to open up to being more sensitive with life, you will need to see things with a softer eye, like less critical, or…….

less controlling.

In order to see the world differently, you have to see you differently, open up to yourself, gather all of your sensitivities and bring them to the surface, this opens your heart like a flower bloom. And that’s what you are……

a Flower. princess with veil

photo book corners 2photo book corners 2

; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:

Psalm 144:12

You may think that because your going to be so vulnerable to people and the world, that you will be hurt. But that is the beauty of this, your learning to love yourself. If you are already vulnerable to people and life, your presence will actually be healing and what someone says to you, will hurt them. Because Love is the ultimate Healer. It exposes things and people for what they are.

And you will realize that when you start bringing your sensitivities to the surface, you will also bring up strengths, strengths you didn’t know you had because you were closed off to them before.

As women we are only weak when we choose to resist our own beauty and kindness and sweetness and openness. In this you are strong, and even more capable of doing extraordinary things.

photo book corners 2photo book corners 2

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