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There are many ways to be strong and most women refer to strength as the ability to endure a circumstance that hurt them. Which means having emotional backbone.

Emotional backbone is the ability to not cower from the force of your emotions. As women our emotions can sometimes feel like a whole separate person lives inside of us. And in that force we can get overwhelmed. Strength comes when we use our emotion alongside our intuition;

intuition is spiritual guidance from heavenly places, while emotion is your personal power manifesting in the physical.

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Since our intuition speaks to us all the time, all you need to do is quiet yourself in the moment while your emotion works up to respond in an appropriate manner. There is no need to block out emotion in order to be strong, your strength comes from endurance, not avoidance. Mixing our intuition with our emotions may seem like a daunting task due to how quickly we may become affected emotionally and concerning how peaceful intuition comes to us, we may completely miss it. You will know when it is your intuition in the moment because you will seem to magically know what to do or say at that time. Now thats the easy part, the challenging part is using your emotional nature together with it to produce strength. The thing is, you will always have to be aware of how your feeling. This will give you knowledge on what emotion is springing up and then you will be able to use it in a more disciplined way.

Garnet_Round_22_grande ruby

That is what this level of strength represents;…

self – discipline.


There is honor in a woman who uses her natural born gifts to direct her ways and figure out solutions, and standing up for what she loves. If you believe you are too emotional, don’t worry, your ability to cry shows your ability to fight.

You need your softness to level out your toughness,

because your still delicate.

Garnet_Round_22_grande ruby

flower in a woman painting

Garnet_Round_22_grande ruby

Proverbs 31:10 ~ Who can find a Virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

When you are aware of your feelings at any moment, your in touch with your intuition, now the key is uniting them. As you hear your intuition, your body must follow its wisdom instead of following your body’s emotional response. Do you see the strength? You will be actively disciplining yourself to behave in more dignified ways. Having stability in your emotions and engaging your intuition builds your sparkling character.

As a woman you are the most precious treasure,

so treat yourself sacred.

Garnet_Round_22_grande ruby

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