There are many times as women when we feel misunderstood, and to make up for our sensitivities, we become opinionated in our beliefs, thinking that will give us the appearance of being strong and capable women.

One part of us that a man made weapon cannot destroy is our spirit, and as much as we work on our physical bodies, we must also exercise our spiritual bodies;

And prayer is a way to do that.

When you pray, you must determine in yourself that you will be transparent before the heavenly father. Though he knows all things, the openness that you present to him is for your well being. Praying allows for a different type of strength to develop in you, one that people will often be wondered by because it’s not something they can put their finger on.


This strength that develops will help you in your sensitivities that often trouble you. It will hold you up during the tough times. Praying gives us endurance and perseverance for our daily trials. Our spirits need the work of prayer because our own opinions are not enough to maintain in the face of adversity, because often our opinions are backed by emotion that is used to cover our vulnerabilities, and once we break, someone will overpower us.

Pray always in honesty, even if that means a few words, length of words do not equal truth, but being open does. So pray until the pressure that was built in your body has passed, that is how you know it is enough. Try not to dwell on your words,

just go.

Over time, you will notice a new strength that is occurring,

even a new woman.


A woman built up from her core, with a sound set of beliefs that come from heaven, and no person can move the heavens, so you will have a confidence that radiates out from you that is gentle and powerful at the same time. That is what you want..,

that way when we are weak in our bodies, we are strong in our spirit.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 ~ Pray without Ceasing

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