Lavender Oil

Lavender in latin means “to wash”.

oceans-dreams-sunshine-four-pre-summer-cove-creative-attractions-rainbows-love-seasons-paradise-waterfalls-nature-rainbow-ocean-waves-live-wallpapers-1440x1080Some of the benefits of this oil are:

~ Treating acne

 drop oil on a Q-tip that has water on it and hold on your spot for about 7-10 seconds, repeat morning and night until results. Or drop some of this oil into your skin creams and moisturizers for added hydration and cleanliness.

~ Healing Cuts

If you have a small cut, you can drop lavender oil on the cut and it will heal in a day or two. It may sting just a little tiny bit, so if you are sensitive to pain, maybe you will not like this but it is a very great natural healer with a lovely scent.

~ Laundry

add a few drops to your laundry while in the washer and this boosts the feeling of cleanliness to your clothes, leaving them feeling and smelling refreshed after they are dried.

~ Sleep

Place a few drops onto your hands and rub onto your pillows and sheets for a relaxing sleep. Breathe gently and allow yourself to drift off.

~ Relieve anxiety

1.  using a washcloth, drench it in warm or cool water and pour 2-3 drops onto the washcloth on both sides, then drain and place the washcloth onto your forehead or chest.

     2. using a diffuser, fill it up with cool water and pour about 3-5 drops into it, then let it run for the time you like.

Always remember to breathe gently, allowing your natural breathing pattern to occur, and this helps a lot with relieving tension.

~ Hair

  1. in a spray bottle, you can add some drops to the water and spritz into your hair for revitalization and shine. Also when applied to the scalp, it naturally cleans and disinfects, giving your scalp an energized feeling.

2. you may also drop the oil into your shampoos or other hair products that you use regularly to give them a boost in their results and give your hair some added flair.


Ruth 3:3 ~ Wash thyself therefore, and anoint thee, and put thy raiment upon thee, and get thee down to the floor

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