Sadness has the ability to draw people closer, but sadness can turn destructive when as women, we allow it to confine us, by then, it turns people away.

When you are sad about something, take the time to comfort your own heart, understand the root for your sadness so it doesn’t pull you too far under before you have the chance to really cope.

yocheved 2

Comforting your heart means allowing your body to feel all the way through the sadness and the love that is in you at the same time.. it is possible, you just need to be still. Doing this on your own helps you unravel a deeper part with yourself, and then you can share that with others. Many times we go to others first, or we have not fully comforted ourselves enough before we went to someone else for support, that the root of the sadness still lingers, and does not evolve into a pure state of emotion inside us. And this leads to scars that you have not fully recovered.

princess in distress

You must purify sadness through your strength to endure it, so it can open you up to more of the magical places that reside in you.

And the next time you are struck with a hurt,

your heart will be more built for the battle.

heart energy

Ecclesiasticus 30:23 ~ Love thine own soul, and comfort thy heart, remove sorrow far from thee:

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