Joy is happiness perfected;

It’s an emotion you get from a state of purity.


If you struggle with Joy, some things to consider may be, if you are being honest with the state of your heart on many occasions. You see, you can fool your heart, but your spirit knows all things, and Joy cannot exist on shaky grounds. Now if you choose to keep secrets in your heart that you believe are covered, this is where the problem is. Lay your heart open to the Lord, if not to someone else.

Joy is a transparent emotion, so no darkness can be in it while it is present. That is why it’s important that we are honest all the way through. Remember that physical environments do not equate to real joy. You cannot go searching for it.

Joy is in you, once you have popped open the source ( the source would be all of those things you have covered in your heart), it lies dormant behind all of those tossed aside emotions you thought would heal on their own.

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