Emotions are a woman’s best friend.

She carries them in her stride despite the strong urge from the world to discredit them. Every woman’s range and force of emotion varies, but the difference in using emotions to change a situation is whether or not they rest in love.

If your a woman who constantly gets carried away captive by her emotions, you will have to learn to focus in that moment and remember who you are, that you are made of love, and love is of the Lord. You will know when you have the emotion in your control because you will feel empowered and less like an emotional roller coaster. Empowerment creates change, and that is what you want. Often times, we say and do things we don’t mean and later have to apologize for it. That is because your allowing your body to become less than the emotion that you are feeling.

As a woman, you are a vessel of emotion and strength, but it is a wise woman who leads in self-control. Remember the love you have inside of you FIRST, before you strike out, and then you will see your true power that you have within your body.

Power to Heal and to Transform.


Colossians 3:14 ~ And above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfectness

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